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December shipping update 2 - UK

22/12/2020 With air travel to the UK being limited due to Covid-19, shipments to the UK are delayed and the estimated order delivery times are likely to be inaccurate. Since this is a new development, we don’t yet know how long the delays will be, but we’re assured by our carriers that packages continue to be delivered. We’re actively communicating with our shipping partners to get more information, and we’ll keep you posted.

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December shipping update 1

15/12/2020 In addition to any delays we all expect over christmas, most countries have additional shipping delays due to coronavirus and this is expected to extend well into next year in some places. Sadly we have absolutely no control over these, so although we send stuff out as quickly as possible, some of our customers may find their stuff takes a while to turn up. For example, the Belgian postal service are reporting additional delays of up to 20 days, on top of normal shipping times. In summary: It is no longer possible to guarantee your stuff will arrive by christmas, so please take this into consideration when ordering. We send stuff out as fast as we can on our...

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