Hi! we're Cat & Bear, a streetwear brand from the UK founded in 2019. Half cat & half bear, we just can't decide what to wear!


The cat

Cute, playful, fun. You'll find threads from the cat to be inspired by 'kawaii' fashion, japanese streetwear, anime, pastel goth, and so on.

The bear 

Dark. Mysterious. Serious. The bear's threads are darker colours, with designs inspired by occult and gothic themes, sacred geometry, & vaporwave inspirations.

We got tired of finding cute and alternative stuff that was either:

  • Dirt cheap, but poor quality and made in sweatshops
  • Poor quality sweatshop clothing but at a ridiculous markup from Drop Shippers
  • Ethically made, but only in limited sizes
  • Ethically made, with a bunch of sizes, but super expensive

We're here to tackle these problems by having our ethically made clothing cheaper than other places and offering inclusive sizes.