Are you a Fast Fashion brand?

Nope! All our stuff is ethically made to order.

Are you just dropshipping stuff from china?

Nope! All our stuff is designed in-house or fully licensed from independant artists, and is made from high quality raw materials.

How long does it take for my stuff to get here

Depends where you live! We custom print every order so you can expect 2-7 days for fulfilment depending on the time of year, and then a further 3-7 days for shipping, so it will be up to 2 weeks in normal circumstances but during busy periods like Christmas

What do I do if I have a problem

Reach out on instagram, facebook, twitter, or by email at! links to our social pages are found on our Contact Us page.

Can we collab/do you have ambassadors?

We're a small business and can't afford to be giving out free stuff to everyone who asks, so no. If you really like our stuff, we can provide a unique discount code you can use to place an order at a heavily discounted price, and based on your results with any social media posts we can take it from there. DM us on instagram if you are interested @catandbearclothing